What is an essential oil and what's the difference between an essential oil and a perfume. So we have some essential oils here, these are plant derivatives. And basically you can get them in various processes. Some people will get what's called a distiller and they take the raw plant material and they put it into the distiller with some water and it squishes out the plant essentials. The other thing we have here is we have perfumes, and perfumes are actually kind of similar. Basically they are a mixture of essential oils that have alcohol or some other kinds of preservatives added to them. And perfumes can also be made synthetically, so this could actually be you know a perfume could actually be something that is entirely man made. It doesn't actually have to come from a plant. But essential oils, which are these are actually, basically something they squish out of the plant. And when you use these, you can use them for aroma therapy.