Hardwood floors have become very popular and they're beautiful. And we want to keep them clean. I'm Cyn Deer, I'm from Three's Company Too and I'm going to give you some advice on the best ways - the best products to use to clean your wood floors. So, the first thing you're going to do when you've got your wood floors is you're either going to use your vacuum to vacuum, or you're going to use a dust mop to get the debris up off your floor. Then what you're going to do is you can use a damp mop just with water to wipe down the wood floor and that will - and then you want to dry it. You always want to make sure that your floor is dry, you can - if you have to spot it because there's some sort of hard dirt on it, you might want to get a little bit of either soapy water, you know just dish detergent or you can use your Windex and water. And you just - you're just going to you know wipe it down, and then again, like I say you want to make sure it's dry. You know dry it off with your towel, the other thing is that you can use - there are different products out there that say they're specifically for your wood floors. You might want to even ask if the person who installed the wood floor for you, what they would recommend. These are all just options for you. One thing that I know you don't want to do is you do not want to use beautiful wood Pledge because that'll make you very slippery and you'll turn into Tom Cruise and get to slide right across your floor. One other quick tip is that - if you have an entrance or an exit from your - by your wood floor, you might want to put down a rug or some sort of mat and that will help keep some of the sand and debris off of your beautiful wood floors. So I'm Cyn Deer and this was the best ways to keep your wood floors clean, and hopefully you have a great day.