Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and this segment we're going to talk about how to prune daisies for winter. Now daisies come in lots of colors and lots of shapes. And they're so beautiful. And these are just shasta daisies, and I love them on the side of our fence, anywhere. These are actually our neighbors that are coming over onto our property. So I'm just going to dig them up and put them in my garden because she's said anything that comes onto this side of the fence, I can have. So, I'm quite excited to get some from her. Now they're easy to prune and I just follow the philosophy that they're going to come back every year no matter what you do. So whether you prune them or not, you don't have to worry about them, they're going to come back. But in the fall and early winter, they just look really slimy and they don't look good. So, my theory is, if they're green still, don't cut them to the ground. And an easy trick you can do, see what our neighbors done right here, so as soon as they're done blooming too, a trick too is just cut them halfway down. And that way the lower leaves are still green, it's still getting photosynthesis. That's a great way to dead head. So this group has been dead headed already, and then when it dies back to the ground, here in another month probably when it starts freezing hard at night, then you just cut it all the way to the ground. This clump right here is already looking pretty trashy, it's had it's day. And they were beautiful when they were in bloom. So right now, I'm just cutting it all the way, or you're just breaking them all the way to the ground, or just setting them to the side and letting them die. Don't come in and clean it up. But you just cut them all the way to the ground. And it's just a root underneath. So the root is going to grow over the winter as well, and then next year in the spring they'll just start growing immediately and make a nice lush plant. You can always save the seeds too and start them from seed in the seed as well. But if they're brown and looking slimy, cut them out. If they are still green, just cut them halfway. And that way you can enjoy your daisies the next year.