Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk all about how to grow plum trees. Well there's so many different varieties of plum trees, and they always remind me of my childhood, and going to the neighbors house and getting plums out of their tree. So plums are such a wonderful food staple, and they have so many antioxidants and vitamins in them, and they're really good for us. And they can be dried to make prunes out of them as well, and we can enjoy them all winter. But they're easy to grow, just like an apple is easy to grow. As long as you plant them in a full sunny spot with good drainage, they'll grow really well for a lot of years. So the easiest way to grow plums is to buy them buy root stock. So you get them in a pot, already grown. And, you just plant those right into the ground and it will grow immediately. So it's important too, to trim it. So cut it down about one-third every year, so that it doesn't get too lanky and it stays a little more bushy. And, always trim out some of the side branches, so you only have three or four main branches in the middle. And that way, it will stay nice and lush, and fill in every year a little better. Plums don't even give you fruit usually for anywhere to three to five years after you plant them. And then they'll produce fruit from anywhere from the next twenty years to forty years. But, they do eventually die of old age, so don't worry if they're not producing fruit after a while. You haven't killed it, it's just not, it's, it's too old for fruit. So we've got a lot of plum trees on our property that aren't producing fruit anymore because they're just too old. They've been here probably seventy-five years. But, you can always cut those trees out, and start with new plum trees. And that way you can enjoy another generation of plums.