Laminate flooring. A wonderful new invention. This is Robert Markey. I've been doing construction for a long time and we're going to talk about how to calculate for laminate flooring. Now there are a lot of kinds of laminate flooring. Some of them float. Some of them get nailed down, some of them get glued down. What they all basically do is pop together. There you have it. In terms of the surface you can get any number of woods from bamboo to oak to you name it, real beautiful choices and it is much cheaper than getting a solid hard wood and also if you have radiant heat you want to use laminate flooring instead of flooring. How to calculate, basically you take your square footage that you need on whatever room it is in the house you are doing and you want to add 5% if you have 1,600 square feet you add 80 square feet and you quit. If it is a very difficult thing you probably want to add 10%. If you have one square room you are good with 5%, you are probably good with 2% but if you have a lot of complications where you are going to have a fair amount of waste then you probably want to add 10% so the square foot that you need plus 5 or 10% and you're done. This is Robert Markey and we've been talking about calculating for laminate flooring.