These little watermelons are cute aren't they? They are from Mexico, I'm Jawara the chef and today I will show you how to carve a watermelon. First we cut the bottom off of the watermelon. So it will not be rolling around. Now get yourself a marker, now I am going to start drawing my swan on the skin of the watermelon. Now draw this line, now that's a swan. Now get yourself a nice sharp paring knife and just start cutting. When you are finished cutting just pull the pieces out. Now it's starting to look like a swan. Now get yourself a spoon and just start scooping the inside out. And now, now we took the watermelon off the rind, make cubes out of it. And just take yourself an apple and just cut it in half. Alright now it look like a little baby swan. I've done scooped out the fruit and everything now I'm getting ready to put the fruit back in. Now take my apple slices and you can just put them in here you know make sure they stay, most look like little decorations. Now just stuck a blueberry in here with a toothpick, I'm Jawara the chef and that's how you carve your watermelon.