Hi this Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about, plum pruning time. So plums are a beautiful fruit tree, and a wonderful plant to have in your garden because they produce such wonderful fruit that tastes so good and can be dried for prunes, and they last so long. But when you're pruning them, it's really good to prune them once they're done producing fruit every fall. So the best time to prune them, is in the fall before it's gotten really cold and started to freeze. So, when you're pruning them, the best thing to do is to just thin them out. And the rule of them is, don't prune more than 1/3 of the tree down. So if you have a really wild tree, only prune it 1/3 down from the total length of the tree. And if you want to prune it back, wait till the next year to keep pruning it down even more. Because you don't want to shock it too much. And the trick with pruning, make sure that you have one strong stem with side stems, but you can prune out some of the side branches too so it's not too bushy. Because you want to be able to get air inside of the tree, so that it doesn't get any type of rust, or it doesn't get any kind of fungus, because it's gotten so wet inside. So the trick is just thin it out, and make sure it's not like a Medusa coming out in all directions. So the best time to prune is in the fall, but you can still prune in the winter so that it can set fruit for the next summer.