What we are going to talk about is how long cats are pregnant, or gestation. Cats after they become pregnant typically have about sixty five days plus or minus four or five days on either end until they start having their kittens. Right, a couple of weeks before they are going to have kittens generally they are going to start looking different. Their mammary tissue is going to start becoming swollen. They are going to start producing milk, their abdomen obviously is going to start getting swollen. And they are going to look different. And around sixty five days again plus or minus a little bit is when they are going to have those kittens. And so if you know your cat is pregnant or know the date of the beginning of that it's nice to setup a nest for them and watch in case they are going to have any problems around that sixty five day period of time. So cats have about a sixty five day gestation period. And so check with your regular clinic because if there is a problem you know with a kitten, lets say there is a kitten you know like not doing well or sick on the inside of the queen then that could be a problem so it's nice to know through your veterinarian how many kittens may be present. And so you can watch as your cat has these kittens if she's retaining one or something like that. Retention of a fetus or a newborn is a problem and that can lead to major issues for the queen or mother cat.