In this segment I'm going to talk about Jack Nicklaus' start of the down swing, the start of the down swing. Which was tremendously important to his success. Now after Jack took that full back swing, his down swing was started with his feet, his legs, his hips, his lower body. He actually said the first thing that happens is the planting of the left heel. But I think that happens automatically if your lower body starts your down swing. So in other words, Jack would be here, and then lower body, tremendous lower body drive, Jack Nicklaus. Get to the top, lower body. Get to the top, lower body. In fact he said, that he never worried about releasing his hands too early, he never worried about that. And hooking the ball, because he felt that if he started with his lower body, it got him in such a position for a release that he could release as hard as he wanted, and it's in the correct place. If he didn't drive his lower body first, and released, oh boy. Talk about a hook. But Jack started with his lower body. Wide back swing, lower body, and then he could release his hands as much as he wanted to, because they were at the right time and he had no fear of hooking.