My name is Tanya Batts, and I'm with Physique Designs. Today, I want to talk to you about degenerative disc disease and the exercises you can do that can help relieve some of the pain. What degenerative disc disease is just means a cartilage between your vertebrae kind of wearing out, so what's happening is the vertebra's rubbing and possibly pinching that nerve, which might lead to sciatica. But degenerative disc disease is probably the number one reason for lower back pain. So I'm going to show you three exercises that could probably help alleviate some of that pain. The first one I'm going to show you is on the ball. So you just want to climb on the ball, and you could pick these balls up anywhere and they're pretty unexpensive. All I want you to do on the ball, opposite arm, opposite leg. And it's a challenge to hold that balance, but it's lengthening, so it's relieving the tension that's pinching that nerve. Then you just want to switch sides. Another great thing to do: Place it on the ball. You could put your feet against the heel of...against the wall if you start to slip. Fingertips on the head. You're just up and you're down. That strengthening your lower back going to help relieve some of the pain. Last one I want to show you: Bridge pose. So we're just coming all the way down on the floor. Feet touch the heels with the fingertips. That means you're perfectly set up. You want to inhale. When you exhale, peel the hips up off the floor. Really relaxes all the tension and all the pain from that sciatic nerve. So those are some great exercises to help you get some relief from that degenerative disc disease.