Hi. My name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to restore deleted files from USB. I have here a little USB thumb drive. I'm going to take this and plug it into my computer and I'm going to show you how to restore files that have been deleted off of it. So let's plug this in. And what we're going to use to do this is a program called restoration. Now of course your computer is going to ask you what you want to do with the drive you just plugged in. I'll just close that window. Now this is a free program. You just open up your web browser and we're going to go to snapfiles.com. Let's scroll over here and do a search for restoration. It's usually going to be one of the first tier results. Let's click on that. And basically you'll download that program and install on your computer. Now I already have it downloaded and installed. So I'm going to run it as an administrator. Cause I'm on Vista. So allow that. I'm going to select my USB drive which in this case is drive k. Now I'm going to click on search deleted files. This comes back with a list of all the files that it could find on this drive that had been deleted in the past. So I'm going to select this one here, vocabulary review. I'm going to click on restore by copy and I'm going to restore it to my desktop. Let's just click save. As you can see, the file vocabulary review has been restored and is now on my desktop. I'm Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to restore files from a USB drive.