Hi, my name's Dave Andrews. Today, I'm going to show you how to right-click using the keyboard. Now, on most modern keyboards, there's a little button that will allow you to right-click just by simply pushing that button. It's down here on...at the bottom of the keyboard in the same row as the space bar, which is right here at the bottom of my keyboard. There's a button here between my Alt button and my Ctrl button that looks like a little drop-down menu with a mouse held over it. That is the right-click button on the keyboard. So I'm going to demonstrate that by simply moving my mouse over an object here on the screen, and I'm going to just normal click on it to select it. Now, if I push that button on the keyboard, as you can see, it's just opened up my drop-down menu just as though I'd right-clicked. To demonstrate again, I'm going to right-click this time, and I get that exact same menu. So when I press the keyboard button, there's a drop-down, and when I right-click, there's a drop-down. It's that easy to right-click using your keyboard. My name's Dave Andrews, and I've just showed you how to execute a right-click using your keyboard.