Hello, my name is Paege Chafin and I'm the owner and executive chef for Roman Gardens in St. Petersburg, Florida and today we're going to talk about how to dry fresh rosemary. Drying fresh rosemary can take up to a week if you don't speed the process along, but we can cut it down considerably if you need it sooner. The best way is to take the stocks of rosemary and lay them flat out on a counter, not in the sun and not in the air conditioning. Let 'em dry for a whole day and then pick them up from the top and run your fingers down the stem so that you have the rosemary leaves left. Throw the stems away. Spread the rosemary out on a flat pan and then you can put it out in the sun for a couple hours if you so desire. Another way to do it is take it off the stem immediately, put it on a shallow pan and put it in a two hundred degree oven for about thirty minutes. That will dry your rosemary to where you can use it in any recipe that you might need, but it also cuts down the shelf life so you're only going to be able to have that rosemary for your use for another week. So be careful. Use which method makes you the happiest. Well, that's the best way I know to do it, dry fry rose-rosemary to keep the taste as fresh as possible once it's off the stem. Once again, my name is Paege Chafin and I'm at Roman Gardens in St. Pete, Florida. Have a great day.