Hi my name is Lauren and today I am going to discuss 1950's pin up hairstyles for short hair. The shorter your hair is or more or less shorter to medium length. Once your hair is more or less this spiky it is very hard to get that pin up style. Ultimately a lot of the girls who had the pin up style for the 1950's. The style is a very sleek, very curled style. Ultimately most of those women set their hair and they actually did something that they called a finger wave so they created a little bit of wave in their hair with a little bit of a dent. What I would suggest in order to create that same wave would be to use your flat iron. Finger waves are very hard for you to do upon other people let alone yourself. I would use the flat iron, twist the wrist and get that little bit of wave coming through the hair just by doing this simple twist. It will give you a little bit of a tousled wave look which is similar to more or less that finger wave style to give you. After you do that you can create a little bit more of the 50's style and do pin curls in the hair. Now this is another setting technique. If you don't want to do pin curlers you can use a very small barrel curling iron. Pin curls I will show you how to do. You are literally going to grab a section of your hair. You are going to smooth it with your hands. You are then going to go towards the ends and roll your hair in. Literally roll it right back up towards the scalp, tuck in the little pieces that come out and then you are going to pin it. If you decide to set it this is exactly how you will go through in setting your pin curls. You will go about this within your entire head. After you get your tousled wave in here and you get your set whether it be pin curls or a very small barrel curling iron you are then going to bring the hair a little bit more away from the face and create some volume. The one thing about that style is that it had a good amount of volume to it and with short hair especially you don't have to worry about it kind of weighing the hair down. You are going to then secure this part back with either using a bobby pin or a rubber band. I suggest using a bobby pin and then you can kind of leave some of the curl down and pin other pieces of it back leaving a very sultry curled look regardless of how you get the curl but usually they are a little bit on the tighter side. That is how you get your 1950's pin up hairstyle.