Hello my name is Dr. Jack Shohet and I'm going to talk to you about ringing in the ears. Tinnitus has many different causes and the first step in evaluating and treating your tinnitus is to first find out what may be the cause. In many cases it is not possible to find the exact cause for the ringing, however, by seeing a hearing professional a lot of it can be narrowed down to several sources. There is no "cure for tinnitus" but there are many things that may help out with the tinnitus depending on what the cause is for the ringing, different treatments may be prescribed. In some cases a surgery may be prescribed for the ringing if you have a certain disorder as the cause of the disorder for your ringing there may be medications that may be helpful. In other cases there are other types of masking treatments where you can use a noise generator to try to mask out the ringing and finally there is other therapies which are looked towards the cause of the Tinnitus and effecting their treatment. There are other Tinnitus treatments that rehabilitate the Tinnitus that are geared towards diminishing the disturbance caused by the Tinnitus. Some of these might be called Tinnitus retraining therapy or neuromonics Tinnitus therapy and these have been shown to be very effective ways in minimizing how much the Tinnitus is disturbing your life on a day to day basis.