Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to turn on Microsoft Silverlight. Basically to turn on Silverlight, we're just going to go to Microsoft's website and download and install it. So let's go to our computer. We're going to click on the start button. Go to the Internet and the website that we want to go to is www.microsoft.com/silverlight. Now to install Microsoft Silverlight, just click on the install button; it's at the very top. And what this is going to do is it's going to connect to a Microsoft Silverlight server and basically download and install Microsoft Silverlight into your browser. As you can see it's telling me now that I am ready to use Microsoft Silverlight and it tells me that I have Silverlight II installed which is the very latest version. So now when I'm using my web browser, Silverlight is going to be turned on. Let's go to our previous page and I'll show you what Silverlight does. Silverlight is similar to flash and it makes websites very easy and very interactive. As you can see, I'm moving my mouse around and it's doing a lot of scrolling features and you know, a lot of image work and things like that. So Silverlight is now enabled for my web browsing experience. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to turn on Microsoft Silverlight.