How to wire cable TV. You want to use RG-6, or RG-6 Quad Shield Cable. This is a standard RG-6 Tool Shield Cable, which is good for runs up to about 125 feet. The first thing you want to do, is cut the end of the cable nice and clean, and square, and then get a cable stripper, and strip the cable at the end. This strips it to the right dimensions, for the center conductor in the outer shield, to accept a standard compression F connector plug. Insert the wire into the plug, and push, until the dielectric has come up to the bottom, of the seat of the plug. After that is inserted over the wire, then you need a compression tool, which will take the plug, and squeeze it over the wire, making a positive ground connection, and once that's on there, you cannot get this plug off. This is a waterproof plug as well, so it can be used in direct weather. This cable, you could run probably up to 125 feet, without any signal loss. You can also put plugs like this on existing cable, so if you have a problem in your house where you're losing a signal, or the quality of the signal is poor, putting new plugs on wire like this, will give you a much better signal quality.