Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you how to remove soap scum from tile. First off, you want to prevent it as much as possible, so when you get out of the shower, leave the shower curtain open or the shower door open to prevent the moisture from letting things build up. It's really moisture that causes your shower to get dirty quickly, so the quicker your shower dries every time you use it, the less likely you're going to have to clean it, you know, every other day. But, if you spray the tile with an all-purpose cleaner and then use a sponge that has a really abrasive, scrubby side to it. You really want to scrub the soap scum. And the only way to get rid of soap scum, there is no miracle cure, there's no miracle cleaner, the only way to really get rid of soap scum is with a little elbow grease. So you just want to scrub it. Circular motions are the best way to do it, 'cause if you just go back and forth, you're not going to get, you know, you're just going to make a pattern in the soap scum. You're not going to really clean it off. So use a circular motion, and if you use a green cleaner, you're not going to have to rinse it off, because it's not toxic and it will not leave a residue. But if you do use something that's a little more chalky, a little thicker, like Soft Scrub, something like that, you do want to rinse that off, 'cause it could cause soap scum, it's just a different kind of soap scum. It's cleaning soap scum, so, anyway, that's about it. And then prevent it by keeping your shower from staying moist after you get out of it. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you remove soap scum from tile.