Hi this is Jessica Claire with New York Dating Coach in New York City. In this clip we are going to talk about interpreting romantic body language. Woman are very obvious when they want to be romantic with you. They may never, every say they want to be so, but they will show you with a few different tricks that every woman knows. Does she play with her hair. Does she touch her neck or her face. Does she lick her lips, usually a smile and a lick of the lips near the end of the date is a good sign that a woman wants a kiss from you. If she is seemingly very cold, it's a good sign she wants your arm around her. If she is giving you a lot of really strong eye contact, you can almost always see in a woman's eyes what she is thinking, what she is looking for. Some women are very good at exuding a strong sexuality, same women are not. It might be more obvious then not. If she is facing you, are her legs crossed, does she kind of always face you or touch you. These are really good signs that she is feeling romantic about you. This is Jessica Claire in New York City.