I'm here to tell you about making a train diorama in HO scale. Now this diorama is very historic cause we show the original railroad, you can see the overlapping eras we have here. We have the narrow gage and then the later standard gage railroad that were built about 1915 to haul the ore down after the narrow gage had closed down. There narrow gage actually ran again during the first World War because of the copper shortages but about 1920 that wasn't needed anymore and they just relied on all the standard gage railroads that ran out of Carpdale out to the big world, the processed ore. Now behind me you see the little town of Jerome Junction which is now Chino Valley Arizona with a hotel there and a depot. And that's where the Prescot, Santa Fe, and Phoenix railroad, which was the original standard gage railroad, out of Ashford, came in and the ore was transferred from the narrow gage to the standard gage, as you see that little tressell structure here, so that was actually some dual gage track, which they we're able to run a standard gage and narrow gage. Standard gage is four foot eight and one half, narrow gage was, there's various narrow gages, but the narrow gage here was a three foot narrow gage.