we are going to show you today how to make your levels look even more realistic by sculpting using a rough tool and a hot wire. Now that you have your levels in place and your track plan you are going to want to glue it. You are going to want to use a construction adhesive and let this sit for 24 hours and you would have a nice strong hold. Once that is dry you are ready to sculpt which is the next level of detail. My Styrofoam chose is the white installation board. Now if you are unable to get that and you have to choose the yellow with the foil coat on it. You aer going to want ot get one of these sculpting tools. This is the best for that kind of Styrofoam. But it also works wonders on this. Now I chose this Styrofoam for one chose and chose only you can use a hot wire on it. This tool creates nice, custom edges like magic. Cuts like butter. You are going to want ot do this along every square or rough edge of your Styrofoam base in a well ventilated area. This is going to be the base to your rock base design which we would paint later. You are going ot want to do the top and the inside of your tunnels as well as any hill sides. Now if you want to add even more detail you can go back with this tool, rough it up a little bit, get a nice rough rock base that you can later paint and add your landscaping to.