and another thing you can do in virtual DJ is to create play lists so come down here and make sure your you have your music tab selected and then you are on the bottom right you'll see a play list tab you can click and drag that out. you can also if you want you can unlock it so it can disappears and reappears if you hold your mouse over the play list button but I am going to leave mine locked. and to put a track in your play list all you have to do is click and drag the songs you want there and to get songs from play list to your table all you have to do there is click and drag or alternatively you can click a song and then click the up arrow and that's going to put the song on your first table. As you noticed it takes the song out of your play list so you don't accidentally play the same track more than once. If you click the three dots here you can do different things here if you click the erased that'll clear out your play list. You can also choose to have your tracks shuffled and you can even have them repeated if you want or if you click save you can save your play list unto your hard drive and also if you want you can put your tracks in these side lists down here so you've got a couple of different lists you can use to organize different tracks.