In this segment we are going to tell you more about using your rear facing convertible seat. This type of seats go anywhere from 30-35 rear facing. The academy of pediatrics has came out and stated that the safes way for your baby to travel is rear facing because the shell supports the head, neck, and spine as completely as one. They have likened it to a plug out of the wall if you yank a plug from 2 feet away from the wall and you yank it sometime those wires come out of the plug. They are 1 year and 20 pounds which is the opposite minimum to turn the baby around there connected tissues are not strong enough to handle a crash on the this 5. hardness. As well as they would be when they are closer then 30 pounds and in our older they would prefer to keep the babies to the limits to there seats rear facing of course we can protect our smaller tinier babies longer because there weights are not as high. But use the seat until it maximum performance rear facing which is anywhere from 30-35 pounds rear facing and then you would turn this convertible seat in to a forward facing seat to somewhere from 40 pounds and 65 or 80 pounds.