I purchased different pieces through the years and as you can see, with these here, each one of them is a little bit different. Each one has its advantage and disadvantage. One thing that I do recommend is that when you do buy one, buy one that is from an established manufacturer, such as Colwood and there are a few others out there that have been there for a while. This is a nice tint here I love using it, the problem is the manufacturer is no longer in business and I cannot get pieces for it, so that’s why I recommend buying one from an existing manufacturer that has been around for a while. The first one I want to talk about is the Excalibre Detail Master, it’s a very nice machine, and I use it quite a bit. The advantage to this is the one piece paneling. You have one connection and you just plug it in and plug it out, you can also switch back and forth between two different pens. These pens are ones that I use all the time, this one I use a lot for drawing and I don’t need to be changing the tips as much, that is the advantage to this. The disadvantage to it is you can see the handles themselves and that they are rather expensive compared to the others. Detail Master also has a good back up, a good number you can call to get service for them and they have a lot of books on how to use the pens, so it’s an excellent pen to have. The next pen is my newest one that I’ve added to my collection, it’s Colwood. The Colwood like the Detail Master can switch back and forth easily between the pens, you can have multiple pens on it. The advantage to the Colwood is you can remove the tips and if that tip is burned you can put a new one in. The other advantage to it is also that tips are much more inexpensive compared to the detail master. The once pit tips that I use on this one are ones that I don’t use quite as much and that I don’t want to put as much money into, they maybe tips that I maybe use once or twice a year for doing different things, that is the advantage to this. The disadvantage is the tips don’t seem to hold up and last quite as long as the Excalibre, so that’s why I have so many different pens.