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How To Use Dried Fruits in a Gift Basket

Video transcription

So the next step that we are going to do is to put in dried fruit. Now again there are lots of things to choose from, lots of different types of dried fruit to choose from and there are different ways to do this that we could put it in. When you take a dried fruit there are two sides to it. There's the upside down side and then there's the right side up side. You can see this both on the peach and on the pear. This is the upside down side and this is the correct side to put things on. Now when we put it into a basket we don't want this side to be showing. So we are going to take this and what I am going to do is to layer the peaches and the pears one at a time. Now again when we are putting it in we don't put it upside down we put it this way and instead of putting it straight which is like a little bit bland we are going to put them in a little bit on an angle making sure that each one is on the correct side. So we do first a peach. Sorry, first we do a pear then we do a pear although it really doesn't matter you could switch the order around. The main thing is if you do both of them together layering it that it gives and added effect. See if we would just put in the peaches a few at a time it really doesn't look all that nice. But when you add in a pear in the middle it really makes it look a lot more elegant. Then we just keep layering peach and pear, peach and pear making sure that we put it not upside down we put it right side up and it looks like a very nice effect. Now again over here what we did I made it a little empty so I could show you what not to do. I would move it up everything up a little bit to make sure you don't want it to be too full but on the other hand you really don't want it to be to empty. So we are going to move up the peaches and the pears one at a time and here I have room to add a few more just to make it look a little bit fuller. And there you have next to the cashews very nice color, it blends in, it goes nice with the gold we have here and that that's a row of peaches and pears.

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