Now I'm going to demonstrate decorating a bowl with decoupage. Also with the napkin. I wanted to show a bowl because it is a little bit more difficult. Because of the curve, the napkin has to wrinkle. The pedestal that I had before was a little bit too big and it wasn't holding the bowl good. I'm going to use this plastic container. You can just try different things to see what works. What we want to do is I've chosen this pretty flower napkin. I like the idea that we had a flower bowl and it has similar pattern. You can decide how you want to put it. If you want to have a flower in the center. Then you have to make sure that the edges of the napkin will reach if you're going to off set the napkin in any way. I actually like it better without the flower in the center. maybe just a little off center like that. You just play with it and decide how you like it.