How to Miter Baby Blanket Binding Corners

Video transcription

I am going to be showing you how to make mitered corners now. Now when you get to the corners you are going to want a clean corner. So there is a trick, you hold both the top and the bottom of the binding with one hand, with your left hand if you are right handed and then with your right hand you are going to stick your thumb in between the binding. And you are just going to kind of do it like a little dog ear like that and then you are going to take your binding, you are going to take your fabric and put it in between the binding again. When you fold it over you are going to have a nice corner, a nice diagonal corner like that. You can continue all the way around, then you can pull your fabric all the way to the other edge and go ahead and pin it in place so that you can move onto your next corner. You just pin it in a couple of places and you are going to want to pin your edge too so that you don't loose that nice corner and keep going. You are just going to unroll your binding. Again, you stick your thumb inside the binding and you hold the edge and then you create a little dog ear. So you push up a little bit and you kind of have to measure, kind of eyeball where you want the corner to be and then you are going to have a nice corner there. Then again, you are going to put your fabric in between and you are going to pin it there and keep going. Like that, pin it, get to the corner, put your thumb in and create the little dog ear, fold it and you have made your corner. Like that and this is your final corner and get to the edge, fold it down and then here you are going to want to cut. You are going to want to cut right about there and then you are going to fold it under, tuck it under and you are going to stitch it with a nice straight stitch. And that is how you apply binding for mitered corners.

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