How to Make Yarn Mane for Hobby Horse

Video transcription

Now I would show you how to make a mane out of yarn. You want to get a piece of cardboard that is this cardboard; it is thirteen inches. You can make it even longer and we are going to wrap the cardboard with the yarn. You want it to be four to five inches wide. It depends if you want your mane to be much longer. If you want a real flowing mane, you can make it even wider then that. You would just first hold on the yarn and wrap it. Wrap it! Don't wrap the yarn, don't pull it tight as you wrap it because when you cut it, it is going to shrink back and it will shorten up the mane. So you just want to wrap that loosely, not too tight and if you go like this quickly. Then slide it down you want to make it fairly thick so you want to wrap that quiet a while. So wrap that and make it pretty thick. Just keep wrapping, not pulling the yarn to tight but wrapping it loosely and then pushing down to gather it up. So you have a nice full mane. The tighter you make it the thicker you make it the thicker your horses mane would be. So it is really up to you how much yarn you put on. Now when you have all of your yarn wrapped around card like that is because you want it. We are going to take the scissors and cut; cut it off of the cardboard. So slip your scissors underneath and you want to cut it right at the edge. Make sure your scissors are in there and you are getting all of the yarn and don't let it go flying away. Keep it nice and neat like this, it is all loose once you cut it. So you want to be careful not to move it around too much just keep it nice and flat. So now you have one cut edge and one folded edge and you can just shift it down a little to make the two edges even. Leave it sort on the cardboard like that and then we would show you next how to apply the fleecy mane and the yarn mane to our horse head.

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