Hi. Welcome to Expert Village. I'm Gretchen Soares with Butterfly Boutique. Okay, when doing decorating projects that you're going to need to launder, it's very important to launder your fabric before doing the final sewing on it. So this is a piece of cotton, we're going to go ahead and launder it in a permanent press setting, because that's what I'm going to end up washing it on. And you're going to launder it with any type of, or the type of detergent that you regularly use for your laundry. It doesn't take anything special. So we just use plane old arm and hammer, and that's what we're going to use. And, the other reason you want to do this is for bleeding. You don't want your finished product to bleed on your clothing or anything else or when you wash it the next time, so you're going to wash it by itself with nothing else in the laundry. If this is dark red color you're going to add a cup of vinegar to your water. Because it's not red then we're just going to leave it. The vinegar would set the red die. Somehow they just work together. So we're going to go ahead and get this started and we're going to do the pre-wash. Okay, so our fabric has laundered and dried, and we're going to go ahead and pull it out now. And we're going to go to the iron and press it so it's ready to be used.