Now I will show you how fold towels so they fit perfectly on our shelves. First fold the towel in half and with the decorative edge place that along this edge of the template and we are going to fold the bottom end until it is the width of the shelf template. Then you fold that in half so now that we have a nice straight half shelf length and then simply fold and roll. Now this is the size of our shelf and our template so we are just going to fold in the bottom of that and that would fit nicely on our shelf. Now I would show you how to fold a hand towel so it fits perfectly on our shelf. Just lay out, the towel so the decorative edges lines up with the template. We are going to fold it so that it is about a third of the way up which is about half of a shelf and then fold it again. And that is the size or the width of a half of shelf and then you would just fold it in half and you put in on your shelf with the decorative edge folded out like that.