Today we’re replacing a dead toilet, one that leaks real bad. What we’re going to do is after you clean the area and get everything all prepped, you’re going to disconnect the water supply. We already have the water turned off. You just want to take a pair of pliers and reach up underneath there. Sometimes hard to get to. Just disconnect it- you should be able to loosen it with your head. You should keep a little pan underneath it because some water will leak out from the tank when you get it completely disconnected…or it won’t. It usually does.

And then you want to loosen these bolts that hold it down to the floor. Now they’re going to have wax on them from the wax seal which is bees wax. If you get it on you, just remember to use rubbing alcohol to get it off. You want to do these bolts, and then you should be able to take a knife or a scraper, and you want to be sure that you cut this caulking along the bottom. And that way when you pull it out, it won’t pull up your floor tile or your ceramic tile or anything. And in this case, we took the door off of the hinges so we would have more room and that would the case really in bathrooms underneath the stairs. And that’s how you would remove the toilet.