We are doing a frame walk and insulation inspection on this home. Alright I want to show you this new wall right here. This new wall has all our sides we are talking about. We've got our 2x4's on the side, we've got the bottom, we've got the top and we are going to go with drywall on the front. We've got all of our sides. This is a perfect set up for an attic knee wall. That is what we are looking for. Come in here with me and look at this one in here. We've missed this one. We still have to have the insulators come back and put insulation in this one because we've missed this one. We need to throw insulation in that; that is very important. You want to get the insulation to fill the cavity as best as possible but beyond that you are going to see the insulation on the inside of your attic. You are going to see those attic knee walls. You will see the insulation on that side. Your knee walls are going to look like this all of the time.