Now we want to bring a little bit down. Really we just want to start right around the striker even it all out. The real secret is the longer stroke. Remember we don’t want to take too much off because if it really digs in it makes it all choppy that is what happened to this guy when he did it before. So we are going to try and get some long stroked on this thing. Start to shave off a little bit at a time. Start to see that it starts to work on the door for you. All right when this stuff fills up you want to get that out of your way. You can see here it is starting to shave that down a little bit. All right now that we shaved that down a little. Once again that is chopping it up a little bit but we got the distance we want now. Now we are going to bring this down again. There it is you see it is right on the line now. More like what we want. Tighten that down. Make sure you get the blade even. Now remember with the block it can be a little funny at first. If it is chopping up too much just keep working until you get what you want. You can see we kept working with it. We took a lot of it off. A lot more than we thought we had to but it turns out it still was going to stick. We could see that it was still sticking out a little bit.