OK. And this is how we test the chlorine level and adjust the chlorine level in a spa. You simply dip the test strip back in the water again as we showed you before. Compare the color code on the test strip, and as you can see here this is requiring chlorine level to be raised in the spa. It's too low. The reason we need to do this is bacteria and algae can can grow very rapidly in hot water environment. So this is basically for the safety of the swimmer. There are different variations of chlorine on the market, so it's important to know which product you're dealing with. Read the directions on the bottle as well and to also inquire with the the dealer that sells you the product, and they can tell you how to add it. But, basically you take approximately one tablespoon per two hundred gallons. Add it to the spa water and then turn your jets on and let it circulate for a few minutes. And it's very important also to test the chlorine several hours after you've added the chlorine to the water. If you test it too soon, you're going to have a very high chlorine reading, not an accurate reading after it's had time to combine with the water.