How to Cut Crown Molding on an Outside Corner with a Miter Saw

Video transcription

In this next clip, we are going to demonstrate how to cut crown molding on an outside corner with a miter saw. It is pretty similar to cutting on the inside corner, so if you just change your miter and bevel settings. With an inside corner, you will see the wood exposed right there with outside corner, it's going to come out to a nice point at the finished edge, but I will show you that here in just a second, I have already got the saw setup to 34 degrees on the bevel and we will just adjust our miter to 31.6, this is a 90 degree corner in the wall, so it will be two 45s. So we are going to make our cut and there is our first piece like I said you know on the inside corner, you will see the wood exposed on the finished edge and on the outside corner, it cuts back, so it is kind of how you tell the difference, cut our other piece, there is our other side and that creates crown molding on the outside corner.

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