I'm Holly Olson. I am going to talk about waxing the arms and under arms. We are going to go ahead and start with under arms. The thing to remember with underarms it some times goes in a circle so you are never going to get a clean pull with only one strip. You most likely will need to go down, pull up and then go up and pull the other way. The under arms are a little sensitive and you will get a little blood spots. Don't let that scare you. It's very typical to get little blood marks after doing underarms. On the arms, we are going to follow the growth pattern, going downward and what you want to do for any larger area such as arms and legs is pull a large spatula wax. You get a lot of coverage with the wax first. I do highly recommend always going to a professional because it is very hard direction that you need to get by yourself. We are going to get a nice coverage and using a large piece of cloth and you can reuse your cloth. It can take up to several pulls before it gets too much. You get a nice clean pull and you would do this throughout the whole rest of the arms, down the arms as well as finding the positions, looking at the hair growth.; this one is going down, I come up; underneath its going back so I would come up here and you will find there is some patterns where you actually will pull diagonally. Especially on the forearms, hair growth is this direction so you would be pulling back diagonally. It is not always straight up and down.