Now we're going to be connecting the Effleurage strokes to the upper leg in the prone position. So I can glide with the Effleurage stroke down the side of the body, into the glutes, and down to the leg. Apply a liberal amount of oil on the leg, especially when massaging a male, because the hair soaks up the oil really quickly. Same as the other strokes, more pressure on the upstroke, promoting circulation towards the heart. Getting in the glutes is really important, there, a major muscle group. It can be very soothing and relieve tension in the lower back as well. We can incorporate the entire back of the leg. I put one hand on this side of the leg, other on this side, applying pressure in moving up. Eventually, you'll start to see the skin get a little pinkish, which is good because you know that's circulating. That's Effleurage on the upper leg.