Now, we're ready to calculate your target heart rate. Here is the actual calculation. Target Heart Rate; THR. You're going to take 220 minus your age, and you're going to get a number there. You're going to subtract your resting heart rate that we did in the earlier video, and you're going to get a number here. Then, based on how intensely you're going to work out; if that's a 60% intensity, or 70%, or even 80 or 85%, you?re going to multiply that by either .6, .7, .8, or .85. You're going to get a number, and you're going to add your resting heart rate to that number. This is an estimate of your actual target heart rate; it's not the actual target heart rate. To do that you need more sophisticated equipment. Here's an example; a sixty year old man; 220-60=160, and we'll say that his resting heart rate is 60, as well, so you subtract that and we get 100. He's going to workout at 60% of his max, so we get 60 there. Add the resting heart rate back on, so his target heart rate is 120. In the next video we're going to actually take an actor to his target heart rate, and we're going to demonstrate how you do that. Once you get to your target heart rate, you want to keep it at that intensity for the duration of the exercise; thirty minutes; forty minutes; whatever your trainer says, and maintain it for that entire time.