We have just went over the 9 ball break and now I will talk a little bit about the 8 ball break. We got a rack of 8 ball. There is three different balls that I prefer to hit during this break. The head ball, second ball and the third ball. Well we start with this second ball. We will talk a little bit about breaking on the second ball. It could either be this side or this side depending on what side of the table that you are on. A lot of people prefer this break. To break this balls, once again you are going to have to hit this ball as square as you can. You are going to be looking at very little ball, once you are hitting, once you are viewing it from the head end of the table. You are going to be looking at this ball you are going to want to hit as full as you can. When you cue your cue ball the ideally what you are looking for is hit the end of the ball, the cue ball coming back into the rail and right back into the pack. That is your reaction with two breaks. That is the pro of this particular break but the con to this break is if you glance off of this ball, you do not hit this ball full you end up a lot of time scratching in this pocket or you are going to end up with your cue ball somewhere down the road. Cause it is going to jump the table and the same principle applies to if you are hitting on the third ball but you are looking to if you are if you can possibly master this break, you are looking a very good break where as your cue ball is coming off into the rail back to the pack. You have a chance in making the 8 ball. The 8 ball gets rattled around, gets sent into pockets many times off this break. My prefer break is breaking into the head ball and I will generally break from the center of the table, hit this ball head, straight on the nose, similar to the nine ball, breaking the ball, looking for the cue ball stays in this area of the table, balls spread out nicely and there is less chance of scratching. The 8 ball is very vital that you do keep the cue ball on the table as a 9 ball but you don't you do want to avoid the scratch on these breaks and once again hitting the second or third ball another con to those are in your speed. Your speed is going to have to be back down. You are probably going to have to back down quiet a bit in order to start mastering this shot to where you are hitting, catching the rail, back into the pack. It is going to take while before you are able to build up to where you are hitting consistent and you are hitting with confidence where you hit the second and third ball.