Today we’re here at Extreme Fitness in Laurel Springs, New Jersey and I’m going to demonstrate how to use an ab crunch machine. Now most ab crunch machines have select rise weight on it, you want to take weight and you can do properly a range of motion for about 15 repetitions. Now the way to get in is to sit in the seat with your feet under the pads like so and your arms on the handles. What you don’t want to do is pull with your shoulders and your chest and your upper body or with your legs. What this machine does is it isolates the abdominal area, so you want to concentrate on using that abdominal area for your range of motion. What you’re doing here is holding on here just for leverage, squeeze the abdominals come down, exhale come up slowly. Do not let the weight plates touch because you’re going to keep constant tension on those ab muscles as you’re crunching through the range of motion. Remember hang with your arms and legs, but move the weight, go through the range of motion using your abdominal muscles as your primary mover. Just remember you don’t want to go too quickly because it can cause injury, it cuts down on the extent of your results during the workout. Now as you’re going through you’re going to start to feel a burn in your abdominal area, which is a very good thing because this is the way you’re going to get results when doing the exercise properly, not using your arms and your legs. Okay when you get done with the movement, simply put it down bring your arms and legs out and now you’ve completed the proper way to do the ab crunch machine.