Hi my name is Julio Anta, with Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense in Miami, Florida. You can reach us at www.antakungfu.com, who would like to welcome you into beginners kickboxing. We are going to start off with a basic boxing stance as you can see our shoulders are apart, toes are pointed forward and our knees are slightly bent. What we are going to do is give you the side of the body. We don’t want to give you this part of the body because if you do, you are a good target. Now, side wards I am going to lift up my hands technically to figure out where I am going to go. I am going to put my thumbs on my cheekbone. We never do this is if you really sparring but you do this to see if they are okay. You can see my knuckles are too far out. I am going to bring my elbows in to protect my wrist. I am going to bring my chin in and with my chin looking into protect my neck and my jaw which is a horrible point if somebody hits you to knock you out. I am going to lift up my shoulders a little bit. As I lift up my shoulders this protects the side now. So I am pretty much protected here. My hands are not tight and my whole body is totally relaxed because boxers believe in being totally relaxed especially in the shoulder area. As I have them here, I am in a good boxer or kick boxers sparring stance keeping the elbows in.