Hi! I am Jason Wyatt head golf professional here at Sunningdale Golf and Country Club and I am here to show you lefties how to hit a flop shot. This is probably one of the most exciting shots in golf pulled off by people like Phil Micholson who hit the gorgeous shots at the Masters. I am going to show you how to hit those today. What we are going to do is we are going use what is called a lob wedge, mine is 58 degrees, they come 60, 64 degrees, so make sure if you are going to try this shot, you have a lob wedge, club a golf ball here when we hit these shots, I have a bunker in front of me, I got to carry the bunker and I do not have much screen to work with, so I want to land the ball nice and soft, so I will use a lob wedge here, different from chipping, we are going to put the ball forward in our stance now, I am going to open my body to the target, so the golf club goes down first, and I will open my body to the target and the ball is forward my stance, now something a little different is I want to swing so that my golf club works with the same line as my body as facing, so I have got to cut across it and in cutting across the golf ball, I have got to pop it up in the air, so once again club goes down, balls forward in my stance, I grip down club faces now open, I am going to swing along my intended line of my body and the ball should pop right up in the air. If you work on those little tips you will hit better and higher percentage shots.