Hi! I’m Heather McCanna and in this clip I’ll be discussing gymnastics warm-ups, specifically the straddle stretch. After concluding the pike stretch, you’re going to sit in the same position, feet facing forward, only you will separate your legs slightly to as much of a degree as is manageable for you. Now, each person varies but even if you’re incredibly flexible, do not stretch your feel beyond about 100 degrees because you do not want to overstretch them for this particular warm-up. Pointing your toes toward the ground as much as possible, reach up again, cross your left arm across your body and lean your right arm over to the left side of your body. This will allow for you to stretch your hamstring as well as this part of your torso on the opposite side. Try and look towards the toe which you are reaching for and point your fingers as close to it as possible. If you cannot reach your foot, simply lean over and hold for about 15-20 seconds. After this, reach up again stretching your body. Cross you right arm over to your left side and lean over to your right. Try and reach this toe again, looking for it and watching your fingers as it closer. When you’re done with this, you’re going to flex your feet with your arms on either side of your leg and reach towards the foot watching your toes as they point upward. This will continue an extra stretch on your calf as well as you hamstring. Repeat on the other side, also trying to watch your toe and stretch down as far as possible. When you’re done with that stretch, you’re going to try and lean forward as far as possible to the center of your straddle stretch. If you cannot reach the ground completely, simply lay down as far as possible, continually walking your fingers farther away from your body. When you’ve reached your maximum point, simply hold the position for about 20-30 seconds to make sure that you’ve gotten a full stretch. At this point, you should be done with your saddle stretching.