Hi my name is Dan and I'm here with Expert Village and today to show you how to tie the square knot or a reef knot. It is called the reef knot cause it was initially use to tie a wreath in a sail. For this application it would be called the square knot. It is useful when tyeing a bundle of sticks together. Also is you are using a loop that is easy to tie but also comes apart quit easy. Go around you object. Then pass the line that is on your right hand over the line that is in your left hand and turn it around it. Next the line that is in your left hand and pass it around and under the rope that is in your right. Now you have the square knot. It is very easy to tie and very easy to untie. It would hold the load quit well. But doesn't do well if it is jostle around a whole lot. I can tie it for you one more time. Also to untie it all you do is grab all four strains and push them towards each other. So right over left, left over right, and that is the square knot.