Now, for everything I'm going to show you, the safety will be on. I can assure you the barrel will be empty, there'll be nothing in here. It'll be totally fine. Okay, this right here is your air assault, your pistol, your BB gun, whatever it is. Right here, you have your sights. The sights is used for aiming. You aligning your sights up with the front of the gun when it comes to using it to aiming it at the target. And depending on how you look through your sights, it could be a little off but with most people, it'll be just about the same. And you use it to look down the barrel again, to aim it up and you use that at a target range, you know you'll set it up, you'll sit there, you'll breathe, you'll do breathing control, do whatever is taught to you. This is Christopher Howell with Expert Village.