In this segment we're going to go with the same idea of the scissor kick except this time we're really going to burn out that inner thigh. Now this one is a lot more difficult. So, therefore if you feel comfortable then keep going. But if not then you can just continue on with the straight up and down scissor kick. The idea behind this one is again to go back into your same position down on your back. But this time our legs are going to do something a little different. Rather than be kicking straight up and down, we want those toes pointed, a nice soft knee so that we're not over doing it on the joints. But we want to make a big circle with your feet so that they're actually going to like this. So then you're really going to feel that pull on the inside of your inner thigh as well as those abdominals. So let's take it down to the ground, arms underneath your bottom, legs straight out, toes pointed and make a big circle. Now you can choose to make your circle larger and the bigger you go on this one the more difficult it is. Or you can do the smaller circle. Smaller circles are going to be a little bit quicker obviously because you're going to make it all the way around. Or you can take it and make a larger circle with a V. Kind of pretend like you're drawing a circle with your toes. Really point out those legs, you're going to feel a nice stretch all the way through your quad and a burn in the inner thigh. Because the more that you're working your feet like this the more you're really going to workout that muscle.