Bow pivots are one of the fastest way peddler’s can improve their paddling because it really opens up the doors to a lot of freestyle moves. What the bow pivot is is reverse sweep stroke, kind of starting about back here when I wind up, and then slicing this edge underneath the water as I come forward. When I unwind my torso, I'm going to be rolling my edge back through to keep the momentum coming as well. The bow pivot allows me to go from a front surf to a back surf on a wave. It allows me to change direction in a hole, and it's really how you link cartwheels or do blunts. A lot of the advance freestyle moves come from a strong bow pivot turn. The better you get at this move, the easier it is. The key parts to doing the move is you want to wind your torso really far. As you begin your reverse sweep, you're going to bring your boat on edge as far as you can. As you unwind, you're going to be rolling your edge to the next edge. Not coming too far past neutral so that if you have another move to do, you can wind back up and keep the momentum of your boat coming around.