In this segment we are going over removing steering column part two. After removing 5 screws, the lower piece just kind of snaps out and as you see by the screw pattern on the bottom, the 3 machine screws that are held on are done so by the 3 these 3 machine screws held the cover on to this steering column. The small 2 silver ones came out from the top and the longer one came out from the bottom. The other 2 plastic screws going in one by the turn signal switch side and one is right over by the other side by the ignition switch. The outer two post use the plastic screws and that connects the top piece which just layers on the top of the steering column to the bottom piece. You just kind of snap it together and hold in place by the 2 screws. The cover would be held in place by the 3 machine screws for the steering column. Now that we have removed the covers, we have access to replace the turn signal switch. Please watch our next segment in replacing the turn signal switch.