ANDRE BOULAY: This is part three of White Buddha. This is the last step. Right now, we're this far. We've gone up through the beginning, shot in and out. Let me show you that one more time. So we shot out, back in, we came over, we came back out, we'll end it all the way around and we're back at a 1 1/2 mount. The last step, you actually swing it back over, but instead of opening it and shooting it out, you're actually going to land the yo-yo up into these two strings here and what this is actually going to cause the yo-yo to do is bind. So watch me here as I swing it up into these two and then you drop that and the yo-yo is actually going to grab that string. You might have to play around with your gap a little bit. Sometimes if its a really wide gap, it might just fall out. You might have to pull a little bit differently. You'll see, I pulled just right there so it's hanging and then as I pull, it comes out, and that's what you want. You want a really tight bind that as you pull it will come out of that. Let me break it down real quick one more time. What happens there, as it comes in, the string with your pointer finger actually is normally underneath, you just pull it off that and pull it forward and you release the throw hand pointer finger string into the gap and that's what causes it to bind. One more time, I'm going to show you what this looks like. So it swings over, you push in, you pull your non-throw hand pointer forward, drop the string on your throw hand and let it sit there like that. That will cause the bind. It looks like this in real motion. Sometimes the bind will be too tight like that, so you're going to have to play around through your gap--the bind. Let me show you what the whole trick looks like now, comes in, out, and you end with that. And that's White Buddha.