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How to Approach Women at Grocery Store

Video transcription

I'm here to show you how to meet a woman at a supermarket. Love this cart that you have here. You've done absolute wonders with it. Yea, I picked it out myself, thank you. I can tell. I like your shirt. Thank you. Honestly it was your eyeshadow that drew me to you, it's such a perfect color for your face. Thank you. Alright, hold one second. So what you are seeing here is the aftermath of a great approach. There are a couple of pieces that make up a good approach. The first is the body language. After you've made the eye contact how we're you standing? So, it's important that you give her status or you give her your attention by pointing your hips towards her. So I'll shift like this and I'll give her direction with my body. Now I don't want to stand directly next to her and I don't want to stare at her and I don't want to give her a hundred percent. So, I'll turn off at an angle, but I'll give her the majority. Right, so I'll give her that body language. The second is the smile. So, I want to make sure I'm smiling at her while holding that eye contact. And the last part is what you actually say. So, there's two different way of doing it. The first, or as I call the direct method is to come up and make your intentions very clear. Something along the lines of, "Hey, how are you doing today, I saw you and I just had to come up and talk to you, my name's Allen, what's your name?". "April, it is an absolute pleasure to meet you." And that way I'm making my intentions very clear. I've come up to flirt with her and probably escalate it further once I get out of here. The other way is to be a little bit more indirect with my method or not make my intentions clear right off the bat. So, I'd come up to her and say "Hey, how are you doing today, You know, I think that this would be absolutely perfect for your hair and I saw you and I just had to tell you that you should get one of these for yourself, don't you think? I think it would actually go really well with your outfit right now. No? Not at all, you don't think so? What you definitely need is one of these scrunchies, pink, pink's your color, pink, that's a good color scrunchie for you, I'll throw that in there and you'll take this. It's good right?" And I was playful, I was fun, I was flirty. I might have even touched on the arm here, something innocuous or not very offensive. I don't want to make her uncomfortable, I don't want to offend her but I want to let her know that I am flirting with her. And that is how to make a great approach at a supermarket.

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